Haihaisoft Multimedia PDF Reader

Haihaisoft Multimedia PDF Reader 1.0

PDF Reader is intended for reading DRM-X protected interactive PDF files
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Haihaisoft Multimedia PDF Reader is a free PDF Reader based-on Adobe Reader for reading DRM-X protected interactive PDF files, such as PDF embeded with Flash, Audio/Video.
Haihaisoft Multimedia PDF Reader supports Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista.
This program has very small size.
Security and privacy are also very important for you. Haihaisoft Multimedia PDF Reader highly respects the security and privacy of users and will never connect to the Internet without users' permission. For protecting your privacy, Haihaisoft PDF Reader doesn't connect to the Internet in the background for updating. You just need to check version and update the software by single click in the Help menu.
It supports protected PDF document by DRM-X platform. With DRM-X platform everyone can easily set different rights permissions and securely share your document.

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